Interview : All About air max X AneksOne

We sat down with the AneksOne, was born in Melbourne, but currently live in London. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Estivemos à conversa com o coleccionador de sneakers AneksOne, ele recebeu a nossa equipa de forma muito humilde e mostrou vontade em participar. Espero que gostem da entrevista, brevemente teremos mais.

1: When it began your interest in sneakers?

r: Always loved hip hop and graffiti. Wearing Air Max was part of that in the beginning. It was one of the ways you could show people that you were into the culture.

2: Why this interest in sneakers?

r: I enjoy the design and all the different color ideas and materials. I can have lots of pairs and wear something new everyday. Even if I am having a bad day, I always feel better with nice sneakers on my feet.

3: What were your first pair you bought and where?

r: Can€™t remember the first pair I bought with my own money, probably some cheap Nike Trainers, definitely not Nike Air, they always cost too much until later when I got a better job. I grew up in Australia and shoes are more expensive there than in Europe or the US. I remember finally buying some Air Max 1 in around €™97 and I wore them so much that I put holes through the soles and burst the air unit in the foot. I had them till very recently when I finally threw them out !

5: What is your preferred brand of sneakers? Why?

r: I pretty much only collect Nike, I think they have the best ideas and most interesting designs.

6: How many Air Max models you have?

r: I have about 180 pairs of shoes. About 150 are Air Max 1, 15 Air Max 90 and 95 and a few pairs of other things like Air Stab and some more recent stuff like Roshe Run and Flyknit.

7: Of all the models you have, what are your favorite?

r: It’€™s hard to choose just one. I think that the Air Max 1 Urawa is one of the best shoes ever made. I have 2 pairs, but I also really like the Air Max Book of One.

8: What do you think the model released in 87 Air Max 1?

r: (Not sure I understand this question ?! ) For me it’€s mainly about Air Max 1. Nothing else really interests me. They are just such a timeless design. I still think they are the best pair of shoes they have ever made. They are 25 years old but they still are new and fresh as the day they came out.

9: When you were a child you ask your parents to buy expensive sneakers?

r: I remember when then Air Max 1 first came out in 1987 (I am old !) As a boy I wanted a pair but my father wouldn’€™t spend that much money on sneakers for a kid so I had to look at them in the stores and dream. Maybe that’€™s why I collect them now ?

10: It is important for you to have the boxes of sneakers?

r: I don’€™t really care. For a long time I didn’€™t keep boxes, I just threw them out. I try to wear all my shoes, even the rare expensive ones. Now having a box makes it easy to store, so I keep them in boxes as much as possible, but I don’€™t care about value or reselling. If I buy something its because I want to be able to wear them.

11: What do you think of this session 2012?

r: I think that Nike has still got lots of good ideas. There are lots of cool things being made and new shoes which are as exciting as the old pairs I love. 2012 was one of the best years in a long time, Roshe Run and Flyknit are some of the best shoes in the last 10 years. I don’€™t like that Nike is not treating the Air Max 1 like a premium shoe anymore. Some releases are poor quality and everyone complains about the shape. But I still think that there are great Air Max being made, in the last year Air Max 1 Black History Month and Canyon Gold Premium both came out and both are MUCH better than cheap low quality pairs in the past few years.

12: How do you usually deal with your tennis after using them?

r: If I have a box I put them back in the box with paper and shoe inserts. If I don’€™t have a box they go back onto my shoe rack. I won€™t clean them unless they get something spilled on them.

13: What was your worst moment with sneakers?

r: I have been very lucky. I trade a lot and use eBay like everybody else. No one has ever ripped me off and people have always been totally legit. However, a few years ago I had some things stolen from my car, a jacket and a pair of Air Max 1 Book of Ones. They were always one of my favorite shoes so it sucked. It took me a few years to find another pair. But I have them now so it’€™s Ok !

14: sneakers is?

r: For me they are a passion and a hobby.. I hope I always will love them and collect and enjoy wearing them. Even though I am not a kid, I cant imagine ever €˜growing up so much that I don’t care about them anymore.

15: final words?

Of all my friends I am the only one who collects shoes or even cares about it. So its something I do just for me and I like sharing cool pictures or pick-ups with strangers on the internet, I don’€™t care if people in the street who walk past notice my shoes or not. That is important to some people, they want to seem cool or have “€˜swag”€™ or whatever. I am not into that. Same with making money or getting props on the internet, to me its no big deal. That is why I never post pictures of me or my face or anything like that. If I post something I hope other people who like the shoes will enjoy the picture, it doesn’€™t matter how much they cost or anything like that.



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